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Gaia Hawaii is committed to providing homeowners with professional property management services. Custom packages to fit your needs. Choose our full service package or pick only the services you want.




Tenant Search & Screening Services 

●Market survey, property advertising, property showings 

●Tenant screening, including background and credit check 
●Execute lease agreement and other required documents 
●Move-in/move-out walk through inspection and report

Leasing Services 

●Efficient rent collection 

●Tenant delinquency action, incl. evictions, as needed. 

●Monthly income statements 

●Separate client trust account for security deposit

Property Management Services 

●Bill payment services 

●Cleaningrepairrenovation estimates & coordination. 

●Vacancy services: ventilate & inspect rooms, appliances. 

●Emergency property checks and arranging clean up or repairs as needed. 

●Obtain property insurance estimates and coverage. 

●Single family homes: Coordinate yard services pool services

Tax Services 

●Tax preparation (state general excise, transient accommodations)

Complaint Prevention and Troubleshooting 

●Foster good relations with neighbors and owner associations

Real Estate Brokerage Services 

●Market survey and appraisal 

●Sales: Property marketing, advertising, staging, and showings 

●Purchase: Property scouting and market analysis 

●Present offers to the buyer or seller , negotiate a settlement price and represent each party at the settlement. 

●Assist buyer in obtaining financing.

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